2 powerful strategies coaches, consultants & speakers must use to boost client conversions

//2 powerful strategies coaches, consultants & speakers must use to boost client conversions

How would you like to increase your client conversions by up to 80%?

The problem most coaches, consultants or speakers face when converting potential clients into customers is they feel either like they’re being too pushy during discovery sessions or they simply do not have a solid conversion strategy in place to deliver their message in an empowering way which gets potential clients to just want to do business with them.

In the video below I will break down 2 powerful strategies you can implement straight away to convert more clients with ease and little resistance…

As you can see from the video above using these two strategies are essential to increase client conversions in your business…

Let’s summarize.

1) EBM formula

This enables you to build trust, decrease skepticism, demonstrate your expertise and handle the common concerns people face prior to committing to discovery sessions or consultations.

Having this in place reduces resistance potential clients may have when taking you up on your offers or jump on a call with you.

2) AIDA Process

When entering discovery calls using the AIDA Process it helps you identify the core needs of your prospect to ensure they’re a perfect fit.

So when it comes to offering your program, virtually every time it will be a no brainer for potential clients to take up if you use and implement the AIDA Process.


There we have it, two simple strategies you can start working on straight away in your business.

Which one of these areas do you need to take action on straight away? Comment below with your answer and if you have any questions feel free to leave them below.


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Phil “Trust Conversion” Faulkner

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