5 Tools coaches & consultants can use to get better quality leads

//5 Tools coaches & consultants can use to get better quality leads

How would you like to know the top 5 tools coaches & consultants can use to radically change the marketing results that you get when it comes qualified leads?

You are struggling to get your marketing to work like a well-oiled machine and your business suffers and you don’t know why…

You’re probably doing everything you can for your business, and still not getting the results that you deserve.

In this video, I share with you the 5 corner stone tools we use but more importantly what we recommend to our clients to get real results.
You’ll learn the secrets we teach our clients that help them achieve massive growth in their business.


Now you’ve watched the quick video you will be clearer on the 5 tools to you need to get quality leads and results in your coaching business:
To summarise I have each point below although the video goes into more detail around how they link together.

1. Blog – your very own news stand

It’s a place on your website where you’re in control and this is the opportunity for your audience to connect with your expertise. They will become warm to your messaging, your content and culture. Use your blog to solve your customer’s problems and highlight your wins. Go for a [70:30] ratio on solutions to customer’s testimonials, if you don’t have testimonials yet, they will come.

The more value you give toward answers to those problems the better. The number one solution for your blog is to have a self-hosted WordPress website.

2. Landing Page Software – Most people have a website…

When you create your website, this is the first step for most people where they put their business on display. You have a home page, about us, services and contact us and generally when most coaches start out by directing all adverts and marketing to the home page of their website, is this you?

But if you want to actually get your marketing campaigns to work more effectively you need to send leads to dedicated pages that fix a single problem, which offers your audience one action to take. This will focus your effectiveness and steer your leads into a place where you want them to take action.

Landing pages are the key to you campaigns success, especially where you want a decisive action some you can measure your return on investment from your marketing.

If you’ve ever downloaded an eBook or free video training series by entering your name or email into a form this has probably taken place on a landing page (optin page).

One of the best solutions for this is click funnels.

3. E-mail Marketing Software – communicate and engage…

When most coaches think about email marketing they envisage a weekly or monthly newsletter and start to go off into the land of can I create content for the frequency of this type of publication…

The reality fortunately enough is different. When you use email correctly and link it to your landing pages it becomes a powerhouse for you in terms of leveraging you time and systemisation.

Some of the best email software on the marketing will not only allow you to send out broadcast emails, including latest news and product offers, they come equipped with something called auto responders. These auto responders are simply pre-written emails that can be sent out without you clicking the send button on each email.

They can be triggered by you segmenting your subscribers into lists, may be because of a web page they visited or even by the fact they opened a previous email.

When you consider the fact you can have all of this working on auto pilot, it’s time to build out your own automated communication system which can be leverage to huge scales or return.

4. Webinar Software – train in an environment where your customers want your content…

If you’ve not heard of the term, it’s simply a name given to either live or pre-recorded video training. One of the best methods you will find is delivering a webinar as it allows you to teach with engagement and interaction.

Imagine youre asleep, your customer registers for your video training, books in at a preferred date and time – you save their email address in your email marketing software, they attend the training, watch anything from 1-3 hours. They stay until an offer is made and buy.

This is another example of leverage (buying back your time and duplicating your reach many times over). One of the best tools on the marketing is recommended on our resources page which is listed below.

5. Booking Software – Schedule people into your timetable and work on your terms…

Im sure you’ve been there speaking to a lead, lets book in a meeting, you send an email or even discuss it over the phone. Let me know when you’re free and a time… Eventually you both agree.

How would you like to take out all of the hassle and brain drain during this process?

Well you can, on the marketing you have call scheduling software that allows you to display a calendar of times you make available, which can also be synchronised to your phones calendar. Imagine someone wants a call with you, they visit a page, choose a date and time and then fill in a form to list their needs prior to the call so you know the key pieces of the discussion before it happens.

Check the resources below for the exact list of the tools we use.

==> Resources link, click here.


You’re probably seeing a theme here… In everything recommended it’s all about buying back your time, leverage, showing you tools that form a systemised approach to you building a business that works more effectively.

Remember the key here is to have this tools working as part of a well-oiled machine, namely a marketing strategy that drives leads into your business.

Want to piece together these tools into a ready-made strategy?

Then, I strongly recommend you download our FREE EBook, the impact accelerator which shows you exactly how! Click below.


Leave a comment below telling me the number one tool from above, that you need to improve using. Then, write out a couple of action points that you can take in order to improve that strategy.

Leon “Elevating Your Business” Streete
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