6 Simple Steps To Create A High End Online Course From Scratch

//6 Simple Steps To Create A High End Online Course From Scratch

WARNING!  Before jumping into the different steps to create your own high end online course – it’s CRITICAL that you read this entire introduction first!

In this blog we’ll be sharing with you the exact steps you need to take to create a high end online course that will sell in the thousands, this will enable you to start leveraging your time and will ensure you start generating 5 figure monthly revenues and beyond.

The main problems people face, which stops them capitalising on the power of online courses, is they don’t know where to start when it comes to piecing it all together, and the technology side can be very off putting.

This keeps people trapped in the 1 to 1 coaching and training method, which ultimately stops you making as much money as you could potentially be making and further more stops you impacting more people with your expertise.

In this post we’ll not only break down the way we have structured our online course which resulted in us generating five figure months in our business, but we’ll also highlight the software and technology that will enable you to deliver at a very high level and give you a professional feel without all the confusion.

Watch the video below to see us break this down step by step for you or follow the steps underneath the video… If you’d like a more in-depth break down we’ve put together the Online Course Creation Handbook which breaks down the 10 proven steps to creating, running and profiting from your own online courses, grab your copy here.

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Want a headstart?

We recommend you DOWNLOAD the Course Creation Handbook, complete with tips and a 10 Step Checklist to help you really maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy and get more leads online into your business!



Structure of your online course

1. Who are you aiming to help and serve?

The first thing that needs establishing is who is this course for? What niche are you in and which market are you looking to serve?

When we first started out we had expertise in sales, online marketing, direct response & e-mail marketing. Now although all of those skills could help many different types of people we wanted to keep it specific to appeal to certain individuals.

So we designed our program to help more specifically coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers and authors initially. This enabled us to be very targeted with our marketing and speak to these individuals rather than trying to broaden our message and not be as effective as we’d liked it to be.

Who would you like to create your course for? That’s the first step when structuring your course.

2. Define the markets problems & list them out

Once you’ve decided who the course is for it’s now time to list out all the problems that your target market face.

Start with their number one biggest challenge all the way to the minor frustrations they face which cause them enough pain to stop them getting their desired result.

3. Map out the solutions to all their problems
Once you have all their problems and frustrations listed out, on a separate piece of paper write down all the solutions, strategies and ways in which you know can help them. So that you can see exactly what you can share with them and potentially teach when mapping out lessons in your program.

Once you’ve listed everything you can then start to organise where the starting point would be and where you would end with them.


4. Structure Into Modules Or Categories

Once you have organised the solutions then it’s important that you chunk the content into main modules, categories and pillars so there’s a clear path your clients follow.

It could be 4 to 6 main areas which they focus on.

So for example, if you’re a mindset coach you may have 4 key modules, e.g.

  1. Understanding the mindset
  2. Identifying your limiting beliefs
  3. Setting clear goals and intentions
  4. Taking massive action

This will help to ensure people stay on track and get the outcome you promise from the course.

5. Spread it over a time frame

Now you’re going to break down how long the client will spend on each module. For example if there’s four modules then it may mean you can spread it over 4 or 8 weeks dependant on how much content is in each section.

If you have 6 or more modules you may extend to 10 or 12 weeks but again it all depends on how much content is in each module and how much work needs to be done by your client.


6. Break it down into digestible lessons

Once you have broken down your course into modules and you have a time frame you’d like to follow, now you need to create daily lessons.

In our course we ensure each lesson where we include videos that they do not go over 20 minutes in length etc as we like to keep it digestible and easy to follow to avoid overwhelm.

We then have a weekly mastermind call with the group that allows them to catch up and ask any questions to gain clarity on the week ahead.

Additional tips and resources to ensure the best delivery

The following tips will guarantee you create and deliver the best experience for your clients that take up your course.

1) Membership site software

It’s never been easier to create an online course but many people still get stumped on the technical side of things. The best software we recommend when it comes to creating an online platform is either ClickFunnels or OptimizePress.

The great thing about both of these platforms is that you get tutorials on exactly how to use and piece everything together.

If you have a WordPress hosted website OptimizePress can easily be plugged in and then you can use it to not only create a membership site but you can use it to create web pages and marketing funnels (great for your marketing campaigns).

ClickFunnels is a standalone piece of software that is very versatile which can be used to not only create marketing funnels to help lead generation but also allows you to create fully functional memberships sites where you can host your online course content.

Here’s the link for OptimizePress and ClickFunnels if you’d like to use either…

Click Funnels: www.businessownerelevation.com/clickfunnels
OptimizePress: www.businessownerelevation.com/optimizepress

The great thing with these two pieces of software is that you can drip feed your course content weekly so that your clients do not get ahead of themselves and they follow the content step by step as laid out.

2) Private Facebook group – communication

This is a great way to create a community. You can create a private group for only those that are going through the course.

It enables you to make announcements, follow up with individuals and answer questions that people may have as they go through the content.

Also you’ll find that within the group, members will begin to form great relationships and help one another as they’re all on the same road facing the same challenges and problems.

The other sneaking thing is that when you post an announcement, you can tag people by name, so you know most will receive a notification on their phone 😉

3) Weekly Group Calls

Every single week during a group coaching program you should run a webinar or group coaching call.

This will help each member stay on track, enable them to ask questions, gain clarity for the week ahead or regain clarity after going through last week’s content.

Majority of the time people are facing similar challenges or will face similar challenges during their time on the program, a weekly call will enable you to answer all question with everyone present so that you are using your time effectively during the program.

The best software to use for weekly group calls are zoom cloud meetings or Webinarjam.

Webinar Jam: www.businessownerelevation.com/webinarjam
Zoom: www.businessownerelevation.com/zoom

4) 1 on 1 Sessions

You may not do 1 to 1 sessions, but depending on your program you may offer some level of 1 to 1 support.

This may be done at the start of the program to set each individual up for the best possible start, midway and then at the end to ensure they have stayed on track and are happy with where they’re going.

If you go ahead with this ensure you use some calendar booking software such as Acuity Schedule so course members can book into your diary when it’s convenient for you.

Here’s the link to set up an acuity account…

Acuity Scheduling: www.businessownerelevation.com/acuityscheduling

Watch the Video Training

Fancy Watching this instead of reading, play the video below.


What Next?

There we have it, we’ve broken it down step by step on how you can create a high end online course.

As you can see it’s by far the best way to create true leverage and you can help so many more people as you aren’t tied down to one person individually.

It takes work to build out but the great thing is… Once the work is done the course will work for you over and over with out you having to be there!

As I mentioned above we have created a more in depth resource called “The Course Creation Handbook”, which breaks down the 10 proven steps to creating, running and profiting from your own online course… You can grab that here.


With that being said if you’d like to take your business to five figures per month selling your own online courses we have put together a free online workshop taking you through the entire process including how to market and then sell your courses so you can follow exactly how we made £21K in 23 days selling our own online courses.

You can get access to that free workshop below so grab your seat now.



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