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BOE-S2024 – How to Introduce More Flexibility Into How You Work

Show Notes A wonderful morning to all of the business owners out there. Do you ever feel like 24 hours is not enough to get things done? Are you having trouble setting your priorities and scheduling things? Today’s episode, I will be discussing to you more about being flexible [...]

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BOE-S2023 – 6-Pillars Of Marketing Strategy That Accelerate Your Growth in Business

Show Notes Are you a business owner looking for different strategic approaches you can do to accelerate growth of your business? If you want strategic research but don’t know where to start, you are in the right place. This episode will help you look into your business from a [...]

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BOE-S2022 – How to Use Death & Your Mortality As Fuel To WIN

Show Notes Do you want to leave everything you had to give, offer and be, or do you want to die living an unfulfilled life? Do you want to give all you the best that you can do or just die doing nothing significant in your life? We have [...]

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BOE-S2021- How To Get Your Next 5+ Clients Using a Hot 100 List…

Show Notes Struggling on how to get more clients? Thinking where are you going to start looking for clients? Wanting to create ways of getting your target audience? You come to the right place. I have this method where I refined and tested for 5 years, which is called [...]

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BOE-S2020 – How to Deal With Tension In Your Relationships

Show Notes In this episode, I will be discussing how to deal with tension in your relationship. As a business owner, you have relationships to keep, with your partner, teammates, business partners, and others. Tension is inevitable because we have our differences. It is important for us to know [...]

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BOE-S2019 – The 5-Step Method to Help You Get More Clients and Grow Your Business

Show Notes Are you a business owner who is wanting to get more clients? Planning to grow your business to the next level? Are you ready to stop working yourself to death just to make enough money each month? Do you have what it takes to transform your business? [...]

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BOE-S2018 – How to Make Time for Business and Family as an Entrepreneur

Show Notes As an entrepreneur, how do you make time for your family or friends? How do you balance your life as an entrepreneur? Do you find managing your time easy or hard? These are some of the questions that we will discuss in today’s episode. One of the [...]

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BOE-S2017 – One Phrase That Killed More Businesses Than Any Recession

Show Notes All business owners wanted to have a successful business. A business that is established with a good foundation and even with good marketing. But sometimes, business owners are blinded by this one phrase that can kill their business more than any recession. “Take this system, take this [...]

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BOE-S2016 – Why Taking Downtime or a Holiday Is Essential as a Business Owner

Show Notes Are you feeling guilty not having to take yourself or your family to a holiday or not taking down time? Do you feel like taking a time off or going on holiday is just an interference to your usual day-to-day work? And  is it even part of [...]

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BOE-S2015 – The Secret To Being Relevant To Your Audience And Getting Them to Follow and Buy From You

Show Notes Welcome to another episode of Wednesday evening, Visionary Marketing with Leon Streete! Today our topic will focus on how to become relevant to your audience and get them to follow and buy from you. It’s all about audience building, creating your niche and defining your ideal client [...]

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