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BOE-S2076 – How These 3-Steps Seem To Accelerate Marketing Results For Almost ALL Coaches & Experts

Show Notes If you are a coach, consultant, and expert, this is really one of the best episodes for you! In today’s show, I will be sharing with you 3 key steps on how to accelerate your marketing results and how to look at your progress from another perspective. [...]

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BOE-S2075 – How To Go From 1-on-1 To Group Coaching / Training Fast

Show Notes Having the outcome that you want for your business is really incredible achievement for business owners. You get the best value of your time, the money that you earn, and do the things that you want in life. In today’s show, I will shed some light on [...]

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BOE-S2074 – How To Get Over Feeling Stuck In Your Business FASTER

Show Notes In today’s show, I will be sharing with you how to get over that feeling of being stuck in your business. Getting over this kind of feeling and situation needs acceptance from you that you have to be active and be confident about yourself and your business. [...]

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BOE-S2073 – How To Increase Your Coaching/Expert Prices Ethically & Get More Clients

Show Notes If you are a coach or an expert in your field and you feel like you want to increase pricing and to get more clients, this is for you. How do you increase your price with the service that you are offering? What can you do as [...]

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BOE-S2072 – Are your Responsibilities Limiting Your Goals & Results?

Show Notes As a business owner, we also have other responsibilities in life, not just in our business but also with other aspects such as in your own family, with relationships, and with yourself. But how do you distinguish your responsibilities? Or are you just making an excuse not [...]

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BOE-S2071 – How To Dive into EMOTIONS of Your Audience & Stay Ethical In Marketing

Show Notes Getting into your target audience's emotions is a good sign for each business owner and this may result in better sales. How are you going to get to your audiences’ emotions? Through your social media posts? Videos? Messages? But what are the necessary things that you should [...]

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BOE-S2070 – How To Deal with EMOTIONAL Stress For Entrepreneurs

Show Notes There are things in life that we cannot control and these things may cause stress to us. As an entrepreneur, what are the things that cause you to stress? Are you aware that you are experiencing stress? What do you do to cope with it? In today’s [...]

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BOE-S2069 – How To Overcome FRUSTRATION & Avoid Being Taken Off Track

Show Notes There are things and circumstances in this world that we cannot control and it can lead to frustrations. Being frustrated can cause us to be angry, mad, irritable, uncomfortable, and any other unwanted emotions. But even though we might feel frustrated at times, we should still remember [...]

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BOE-S2068 – How To Convert More Social Media Connections Into Clients Using DM’s

Show Notes Most people are into social media nowadays and for business owners, this can also be an opportunity to connect with people who are interested in your product/service. But how are you going to start to connect with people? Is it by sending messages about your products or [...]

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BOE-S2067 – How to Inject More Passion Into Your Business

Show Notes ”An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.” PASSION as defined in the Oxford dictionary. Passion is needed in different things that you want to do. In order to do great in your business, more passion is needed. Having passion added to your business means you have the [...]

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