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Known as the Lead Generation Expert, I help business owners supercharge their marketing campaigns for online success. Want more leads? Want to leverage work around your time table? Want to break away from the old 9-5 life? Then its simple read through my content to start your journey of growth.

BOE010 – Doug D’Anna – The Bridge To Your Next BIG Breakthrough

Show Notes   In today's show we have deep dive into conversations with Legendary A List copywriter Doug D'anna who shares many powerful insights into the world of direct response marketing. Where he has been successfully cutting his teeth for over four decades as direct response copywriter producing wining controls for major financial [...]

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BOE009 – Tom Breeze – How To use YouTube to Generate Leads and Sales

Show Notes   In today's deep dive format show, you will have the pleasure of eavesdropping on Tom Breeze who is an authority when it comes to YouTube Advertising and Marketing. Tom owns one of the biggest agencies in the world, “Viewability” and has a slew of marketing royalty clients, that reach out [...]

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BOE TV #004 – Basketball with Adam Stott (+ Exclusive Interview & Business Tour)

  In this week's episode of Business Owner Elevation TV, Co-founders Leon & Rob head off to Chelmsford Race Course to exhibit at the Essex Chamber of Commerce Expo. The team then head off for a day with Adam Stott - with an exclusive interview, a game of basketball, and a tour of [...]

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BOE008 – Aysha Scott – How To Promote A Brand With Storytelling

Show Notes   In today’s show Leon & Rob deep dive into the subject of creative writing and storytelling with Aysha Scott founder of A Scott Productions. Aysha embarked on a career in film over 10 years ago, after training at the highly acclaimed Anna Scher Theatre School in Islington, where she participated [...]

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E3-013 – A YouTube Night In With Dr Wayne Dyer

Recently Leon and myself did a podcast interview with a UK based film director Aysha Scott…. We asked her this question... What book or audio resource would you recommend to our audience the Elevation Nation? She replied.. I'm more of a visual learner so I can’t recommend a book but I’ll recommend a movie by [...]

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BOE007 – How To Structure A Discovery Call That Leads To A Big Yes

Show Notes   In this week's episode we deep dive into the topic of discovery calls/strategy calls and how to get prospects to feel 100% confident in working with you, to the point they will enrol on your programme. Press Play, Pause, Rewind and have your note pad ready for some exceptional business [...]

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E3-012 – Do You Have The Mental Toughness of Buck?

From time to time I like to watch rugby. Well, it is a proper man's sport if you now what I mean. I was tuning into the most recent Lions Vs All Blacks series when the sport presenters were discussing a former New Zealand rugby great... Wayne Shelford AKA "Wayne Buck Rogers" His story about [...]

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BOE TV #003 – An Interview With Duane Henry

  In this week's episode of Business Owner Elevation TV, Co-founders Leon & Rob interview Hollywood star Duane Henry. Leon & Adam then go to a client meeting with Wombourne Windows, a high quality doors, windows, and conservatories manufacturer. Watch the full interview    

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E3-011 – Vortex Cures Migraines

Not sure if you've ever suffered from migraines but I know people who have and it can wipe you out for LONG periods. According to the medical establishment, the true cause is not known, yet it’s thought that abnormal brain activity is causing your nerve signals, chemicals and blood to bounce around like a pinball [...]

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E3-010 – To Be Or Not To Be A Super Coach

I would like to Jump into Q&A session with You This will prove useful or “contrarian”... Con!!!... “What did you say?”.. Contrarian = Different to the status quo Let me touch on a few recycled questions we here all the time from coaches in the expert space... First question Q: I hate selling, if I [...]

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