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Known as the Lead Generation Expert, I help business owners supercharge their marketing campaigns for online success. Want more leads? Want to leverage work around your time table? Want to break away from the old 9-5 life? Then its simple read through my content to start your journey of growth.

BOE005 – Duane Henry – Audacity, Drive And A Hollywood Dream

Show Notes     Show notes: In This Special Dual Edition Of The Business Owner Elevation Podcast / BOE TV We interview new cast member in the most popular TV show NCIS, Birmingham born UK actor Duane Henry Aka (Clayton Reeves). Who shares the story of his meteoric rise from being [...]

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BOE004 – Stumbling Blocks Hindering Coaches Growth!

Show Notes   In this deep dive episode Rob & Leon share their thoughts about “what is holding back coaches” from growing developing and scaling their business. You'll hear insights like; Why you can’t be sporadic or vanilla with your approach to product development. Why you need big idea concepts, the size of [...]

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BOE003 – Paul Boross – Why communicating your message Effectively is Crucial!

Show Notes   Show notes: In this episode we interview Dr Paul Boross (aka The Pitch Doctor) who is founder and managing director of training company, BIG SKY and music-production studio MB Productions. In his role as ‘The Pitch Doctor’, he has worked with such heavyweights as the BBC, Google and MTV, training [...]

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BOE002 – Why Everyone Shouldn’t Be Coach!

Show Notes   Show notes: In today’s episode Rob and Leon have a fireside chat about the coaching space in Particular why coaching isn't for everyone even though on the surface it's a great lifestyle business with lucrative rewards. You will also hear our honest no skeletons in the closet thoughts on: Why [...]

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BOE001 – New Era, New Mission

Show Notes   Today's episode marks the birth of a new era for the podcast hosts Robert and Leon after publishing over 66 episodes on the Small business elevation Podcast, which was voted winner of the 2015 Best UK Business podcast. They now launch their second podcast show, The Business Owner Elevation podcast which [...]

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BOE TV #002 – A Day in the Office

  In this week's episode of Business Owner Elevation TV, Co-founders Leon & Rob brainstorm a killer content strategy. The team then initiate BOE Podcast, with an interview with Thomas Blackwell, a high demand speaker, who inspires people to become their best. Our multimedia genius Adam talks about social media marketing, and Co-founder [...]

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BOE #001 – The London Roadtrip

  In this week's episode of Business Owner Elevation TV, the team are off to London to attend the Expert Empires Event, featuring Ryan Deiss, Nick James, Gary Vaynerchuk and more. Leon and Rob also speak at Bernardo Moya's Turning Pro, educating delegates on email marketing and sales funnels. Watch Phil's Rant >> [...]

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5 Tools coaches & consultants can use to get better quality leads

How would you like to know the top 5 tools coaches & consultants can use to radically change the marketing results that you get when it comes qualified leads? You are struggling to get your marketing to work like a well-oiled machine and your business suffers and you don’t know why... You’re probably doing everything [...]

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3 Questions that will determine whether you have a profitable coaching or consulting business

How would you like to have 100% confidence knowing your coaching or consulting business will be massively profitable? Many coaches, consultants, speakers & experts are simply fighting an uphill battle when trying to build a profitable business. The reason for this is that they have overlooked the 3 core questions that must be answered to [...]

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6 Simple Steps To Create A High End Online Course From Scratch

WARNING!  Before jumping into the different steps to create your own high end online course – it’s CRITICAL that you read this entire introduction first! In this blog we’ll be sharing with you the exact steps you need to take to create a high end online course that will sell in the thousands, this will enable you [...]

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