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Robert is always in the marketing trenches perfecting proven strategies which produce consistent results, for clients.

Coaches! Are your discovery calls Leaving you in Diarrhoea Straits? (aka dire straits lol)

Yes, way too many coaches find themselves in deep s-h-#-t (no apologies for the title of blog) It may come across as a little crude, I prefer to say "tongue in cheek". However those coaches who find themselves in a state of flux regarding discovery sessions may find this post very interesting. In fact, if [...]

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The 3 Painful mistakes that coaches, speakers & consultants must avoid to attract the right coaching clients

Want to know how to avoid the 3 painful mistakes that coaches, speakers & consultants make when looking to attract the right clients? In this article Robert Dene aka The Marketing Manifesto Guy waxes lyrical about the 3 painful mistakes rookie and semi experienced coaches, speakers & consultants make, which are stopping them building successful [...]

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The 3M Tri Factor Marketing Principle

Hi, it's Robert Dene Smith the First, aka the marketing manifest guy helping business connect the dots with their marketing and getting massive breakthroughs. In today's blog, I want to share with you a big, important lesson on marketing which sometimes goes undetected in business for years and years and years. That big marketing lesson [...]

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