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2 powerful strategies coaches, consultants & speakers must use to boost client conversions

How would you like to increase your client conversions by up to 80%? The problem most coaches, consultants or speakers face when converting potential clients into customers is they feel either like they’re being too [...]

The 3 Painful mistakes that coaches, speakers & consultants must avoid to attract the right coaching clients

Want to know how to avoid the 3 painful mistakes that coaches, speakers & consultants make when looking to attract the right clients? In this article Robert Dene aka The Marketing Manifesto Guy waxes lyrical [...]

3 Questions that will determine whether you have a profitable coaching or consulting business

How would you like to have 100% confidence knowing your coaching or consulting business will be massively profitable? Many coaches, consultants, speakers & experts are simply fighting an uphill battle when trying to build a [...]

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