BOE006 – Adam Stott – How To Be The Best And Make It Big In Business

//BOE006 – Adam Stott – How To Be The Best And Make It Big In Business

Show Notes


Show notes:

In this week’s episode we hear from Multi Award Winning Businessman Adam Stott aka Mr Big.  Who shares his backstory and major key lesson of how to dominate and innovate an industry sector alongside how to build an incredible business fast with the right systems and culture.

Here Are just a few key takeaways you learn in today’s show.

Remember press play, pause, rewind and take notes.

  • The number one reason why you need to set a culture in your business to excel
  • The simple principle all big business people possess that smaller companies LACK the desire to attain.
  • Why you need to jump ship and follow your intuition before your fire of ambition is doused with doubt by friendly words of advice.
  • Revealed: One of the best assets you need to GET sales in your business when you’re starting from scratch and it’s not money or access to credit.
  • Discover Adam’s “People Power Introduction Strategy” which is pivotal if you want fast lean growth in your company, this was responsible for Adam scaling his business from 0 to 50 Million in 8 short years.
  • How to become a disruptor in a traditional industry using events (Adam shares a seasonal; tale that banks £2 million pounds…)
  • Adam spills the beans on “the Lego delegation principle” which allows you to recruit Top people, delegate the right way whilst building outstanding departments inside your company.
  • Adam gives 3 Big Ideas ONE straight out of the classic God Father movie that’s imperative for long term business success…

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