BOE007 – How To Structure A Discovery Call That Leads To A Big Yes

//BOE007 – How To Structure A Discovery Call That Leads To A Big Yes

Show Notes


In this week’s episode we deep dive into the topic of discovery calls/strategy calls and how to get prospects to feel 100% confident in working with you, to the point they will enrol on your programme.

Press Play, Pause, Rewind and have your note pad ready for some exceptional business building knowledge.

Here’s just a few of the epiphanies;

  • How To Set Up Your Discovery Calls For Enrolling Clients Easier
  • What every coach needs to do before agreeing to schedule a discovery call with a prospect that goes beyond the standard – “what your biggest challenge right now” question on a survey!!!
  • WHY you Need to be strict with the time in order to enhance your chances of turning your prospect into a client.
  • Rob shares his “5W Questing Method” that top journalists use to uncover juicy story lines which make compelling reading that you can flip to find out the buying motives of your prospects.
  • How to Test the answers you get back from the fact find process are the truth and not an emotional smoke screen . (Understanding this neat process that will ensure you never kill the opportunity of a sale).
  • Revealed the open question used to gain insights if the candidate would be good fit for the programmes and workshops you might offer (This method is based on the back to the future movie Plot).
  • Learn how you can preempt the concerns and possible objections so candidates like, respect and buy from you (This will make your prospects feel 100% confident about working with you.)
  • How to avoid any disconnect on your discovery calls by communicating in the predominate language and modality of your candidate…
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Leon Streete

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