BOE009 – Tom Breeze – How To use YouTube to Generate Leads and Sales

//BOE009 – Tom Breeze – How To use YouTube to Generate Leads and Sales

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In today’s deep dive format show, you will have the pleasure of eavesdropping on Tom Breeze who is an authority when it comes to YouTube Advertising and Marketing.

Tom owns one of the biggest agencies in the world, “Viewability” and has a slew of marketing royalty clients, that reach out to him to get outstanding results, using his scientific wizardry.

If you’ve ever wanted to use video to increase your leads, sales and branding – press play now because you can earn a lot of the green stuff using his proven methods.

Here’s a tiny drop of info you’re gonna get;

  • How to use simple psychology to keep people glued to your YouTube videos
  • Discover how Tom was using video before the days of YouTube to increase conversions build his email list by 300% (way before video became a staple part of the marketing landscape)
  • Learn the 5 laws of YouTube advertising to produce monster results (Knowing the laws will make your ads super effective and the best part you don’t need any expensive equipment…)
  • Do you know the 22 second sweet spot of Video Marketing? Tom spills the beans on one of his Trade Secrets, which will give you a major advantage if you’re using videos to generate sales
  • Tom share his #No1 Tip for running an efficient campaign, if you have a limited budget this strategy is simply ingenious and totally compliant with YouTube t&c’s . (No trickery)
  • (At the 19 mins mark) Tom discloses another neat tactic on YouTube where your competitors assist you with getting more sales, this will save you time and money figuring out where to place your ads on YouTube.
  • Tom sheds light on the ad types you must avoid like bubonic plague if you want outstanding results using the YouTube platform.


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