BOE010 – Doug D’Anna – The Bridge To Your Next BIG Breakthrough

//BOE010 – Doug D’Anna – The Bridge To Your Next BIG Breakthrough

Show Notes


In today’s show we have deep dive into conversations with Legendary A List copywriter Doug D’anna who shares many powerful insights into the world of direct response marketing. Where he has been successfully cutting his teeth for over four decades as direct response copywriter producing wining controls for major financial newsletter publishers like InvestorPlace, Cabot Heritage Corp, Money Map Press, Forbes, Newsmax, Weiss Research, Street Authority, and Boardroom—companies that together generate hundreds of millions of dollars through direct response copywriting.


So pull out your note pad with pen and take reams of money making actionable notes.

Here’s a small sample of the actionable content;

  • Model: The best copywriting formats discovered after conducting over 600 split tests (Yep he Gives ya proven winners to bank cashola)…
  • Hear how Doug’s mistaken identity copy story, elevates his status amongst his peers and makes him the go to hired gun copywriter almost overnight
  • Discover why the greatest living copywriter Gary Bencivenga, considers Doug “one of his ablest competitors.”
  • Learn how to design the perfect customer buying scenario adopting “The Bridge to Next Breakthrough Methodology” (This allows you to zero in on the buying triggers for customers).
  • At the 8 minute mark: Doug reveals one of his best kept secrets for crawling into your audience minds and drilling deep to unearth information which aids the sale…
  • How to use the smile and dial method for finding freelance work, highly paid projects or land a dream job (anybody can use this method it’s so simple)
  • Doug reveals what attributes you really count TO be an “A List Copywriter” even if your command of grammar and spelling is lousy.
  • (Very inspiring) Doug retells his unusual back story of how he met ex rolling stone manager as a college student and how it kick started his career as a copywriter.
  • The red flags warning system that can save you time and energy on dead end projects. This simple checklist of questions is worth its weight in precious gold.

Success Quote

The bridge to your next breakthrough begins on the customer side of the river.

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