BOE011 – Thomas Blackwell – Make A Decision To Become The Best!

//BOE011 – Thomas Blackwell – Make A Decision To Become The Best!

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This week’s episode Leon & Rob conduct a fascinating interview with Thomas Blackwell, an in demand speaker who inspires people to become their best.

He has given over 1000 talks and presentations to corporations, executives, entrepreneurs, sales teams, athletes, religious groups, and students. Thomas’s unique speaking style operates at the inspirational level, allowing those in attendance to make tangible life changing decisions.

This is a seminal interview that will inspire change…

  • Hear how his internal sibling rivalry sparked Thomas’ quest to be the best at everything he applied his mind to in sport, business and life.
  • How to be resourceful when you have limited access to finances.
  • Why struggle is essential to survive and thrive as an entrepreneur (every setback is a set up to a comeback)
  • The one simple action you must make WHICH Guarantees THE success You WANT (it’s not goal setting, its not vision boards and it’s not affirmations)
  • Find out why Thomas hired the top tennis coach in Arizona at each of 13 (listen to the parallels from this story as it can help you to elevate in your business (Around the 6 minute mark)
  • Do you want to know the real shortcut to success? Chime in at the 13 minute mark, listen to how Thomas went from making $87 to Six Figures in four months after he…
  • Discover how to flip the motivational switch inside your head when all the odds look stacked against you… And you want throw the in towel

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177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class by Steve Siebold (Author)

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