BOE013 – Leon & Rob – Why Coaches Should Have A Marketing Strategy!

//BOE013 – Leon & Rob – Why Coaches Should Have A Marketing Strategy!

Show Notes


Inside today’s show Leon and Rob look at the topic of Marketing plans and strategy, dissecting it laterally then diving in vertically – mining informational gold from their marketing archive.

Here’s an insight of what they walk through.


  • What is the Dead Coaching Society, Mish-Mash Marketing approach. We pray you’re not doing this?
  • Discover the Commander in chief guide to winning market share in your coaching niche, Grasping: The Land, Sea and Air stratagems and how you can nuke the competition into oblivion.
  • Revealed at the three minutes Mark is: the one thing master Coaches do at a superior level That average coaches do at inferior levels. (This will help you unlock the market, to the tune of tens thousands of pounds).
  • Learn what every Marketing Strategy should contain, which leads to market dominance as popularised by marketing supremo Jay Abraham.
  • How to avoid “Title-itis Disorder” which stunts the sales growth of a coaching business, plus…
  • How to know if you have any of the common traits inside of your marketing plan of action.
  • How to exceed sales targets with seasonal marketing tactics….
  • Leon shares pivotal wisdom from a 60 year old book containing “The Secret To Becoming A Market Leading Coach, in any competitive niche (this knowledge is priceless, so much so the book can fetch up to £1000 per copy when it went out of print)
  • Exposed the 5W Newspaper Reporter method, which you can adapt for shaping invincible actionable marketing Plans… ( Its mind fodder for brainstorming)


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Leon Streete

Known as the Lead Generation Expert, I help business owners supercharge their marketing campaigns for online success. Want more leads? Want to leverage work around your time table? Want to break away from the old 9-5 life? Then its simple read through my content to start your journey of growth.
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