BOE014 – Sohail Khan – Engineering Multi Million Pound Joint Venture Deals

//BOE014 – Sohail Khan – Engineering Multi Million Pound Joint Venture Deals

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In today’s episode Rob & Leon have the distinct pleasure of interviewing one of the world’s best consultants and teacher of putting together Multi-million Pound Joint Venture Deals.

In this amazing interview Sohail shares some of his powerful concepts to add additional revenue streams, and discusses Strategic Partnerships, how to find deals licensing and much much more.

Elevation Nation Here’s The Lowdown..

  • Three minutes into the show Sohail expands on two mantras you can adopt, which will help you to push the boundaries of excellence (This is one of the secrets to his joint venturing success).
  • Discover how to ride new trends and put together big deals with huge profit margins.
  • Revealed at the 7.20 min mark, the book that turned Sohail on to the power of joint ventures (This is written be arguably the world’s best Living marketing consultant).
  • Learn the step by step deal process of how Sohail landed his first Joint Venture Deal with one of europe’s largest IT recruitment companies at the time (within 24 months that one deal grossed over 350k with no day to day involvement).
  • Sohail shares another trade secret typically applied by big corporations like Disney that any individual can apply, this strategy transformed his company taking it to7 figures in less than 12 months, once you know what is you can do the same.
  • Do you know want to know how to bounce back from from failure quickly? Tune in at the 22 min mark it’s easier than you think.
  • How to find Multimillion Pound Joint Venture Deals without doing hours of research (Many deals are right under nose).
  • The magic opening gambit you can use to pique interest from potential JV deals, these magic phrases will instantly get you meetings with potential partners.
  • How to assess if you have a win win JV quickly, in less than 10 mins (it’s all in the…)


Success Quote

Give First Ask Later

What Would Do If you knew you Could Never Fail


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