BOE015 – Oli Billson – Getting Explosive Results With “Dynamic Response Marketing”

//BOE015 – Oli Billson – Getting Explosive Results With “Dynamic Response Marketing”

Show Notes


In Today’s show Rob & Leon speak with Oliver Billson, a serial entrepreneur from the UK who runs 4 successful businesses and consults with the “Crème de la Crème” of the marketing world on the topic of Dynamic Response Marketing.

Brace yourself for an array of cutting edge information Oli will dispense in this episode.

  • Discover how to apply DDRM Methods to build 100 Million dollar company…
  • Eavesdrop on the savvy business Lesson Oli learnt from his days as schoolboy tennis player
    that equipped him for his first entrepreneurial foray at the age 15.
  • Learn the steps to creating a business dynasty combining your passion with Direct Response Marketing…
  • Revealed: How an almost catastrophic business challenge wound up being a blessing
    in disguise as it lead Oli to mastering a new marketing skill that saved his then fledgling
    company from the scrap heap (The Best part is he paid less the £10 to learn it and made £55K in up front sales, not to mention the residual income)
  • Would you like to know how to annihilate the brand based advertisers in your market using old school killer Direct response? (The secret is to conduct better research and articulate of your offer)
  • Oli lays out the simple way to turn your advertising into profit using old school “2 To 1” Ratio Methodology. Once you grasp this strategy you will have unlimited marketing budget to play with…
  • 41 mins into the interview Oli gives the unsexy answer to creating winning marketing
    campaigns, which will outsell, outperform and outwit 97% of the player’s in your niche within 12-18 Months. No bright shiny objects to chase guaranteed.
  • Oli gives you hands down the best resource to beat the resistance to get shit done and kick the procrastination blues to the kerb once all for all, boosting productivity immediately.
  • Oli shares rock solid advice to smoke out the half bridge marketing syndrome stunting business growth, the info will propel your business like a rocket towards outstanding sales results.


Success Quote

Motion beats meditation
What you don’t know keeps you poor


Do The Work by Stephen Pressfield


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