BOE017 – Jonathan Rivera – Why Podcasting The Direct Response Way Is Trumps!

//BOE017 – Jonathan Rivera – Why Podcasting The Direct Response Way Is Trumps!

Show Notes


In this week’s show Rob and Leon interview The Self Proclaimed King Of podcasting,
Jonathan Rivera, who owns the Podcast Factory. Where he host and produces some of the most widely downloaded shows in the podcasting universe with an illustrious roster of great shows.

Here’s few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Learn why taking imperfect action is essential for success.
  • Listen to The King of Podcasting share an epilogue about his journey from blue collar worker
    to the summit of podcasting world.
  • Discover the big epiphany JR learnt after losing a vast sum of money from a Business Venture which he had built from the ground up (A timely reminder to never ——–)
  • How to use a podcast to gain notoriety, attention, clients and more market share.
  • 17 mins into the show JR shares the pros and cons of producing your own podcast show so you can decide if podcasting is for you.
  • JR reveals the massive mistakes would-be podcaster are making when it comes to monetising Podcasts (and if you think that sponsorship is smart, you’re in for surprise).
  • 20 Mins in The King of Podcasting divulges his secret strategy that he used to average 1 dollar and 5 Cent Per download of one his first ever podcast – what the King shares, hands down beats industry norms of .15 P.
  • Also how to reach out and build bridges with dominate kingpins in the market you serve. It’s so simple people think there has to be more to the strategy.

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Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable by Tim S. Grover 


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