BOE018 – How To Research Your Market Before Your Next Campaign – Leon & Rob

//BOE018 – How To Research Your Market Before Your Next Campaign – Leon & Rob

Show Notes


In this episode of Business Owner Elevation, Rob and Leon discuss what you need to do in order to effectively research the market prior to launching your next campaign. Many may think that they’ve heard it all when it comes to this topic. However, only few apply the necessary steps it takes to fully prepare themselves before launch.

What You’ll Learn;

  • How to deliver what your target audience wants
  • What steps NOT to take to understand your market
  • When to start researching your market ([4:50])
  • Why some “old-fashioned” tactics are the best tactics for networking
  • Important areas of research – online and offline
  • Specific research vs. general research
  • How to use Google Keyword Planner
  • How you can benefit from Standard Rate & Data Services (and the UK equivalent) ([21:00])
  • How to utilize Facebook Insights ([26:00])
  • Where to do research besides the internet

Success Quote

“Your intuition, your gut feel, will ultimately give you the right feeling about the right direction.”

“Get your ass out into the market place!



  • The Boron Letters
  • SRDS – There were multiple resources online for this. I wanted to leave this up to you guys.
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