BOE019 – Elliot Kay – Lessons From The Strategy Mentor

//BOE019 – Elliot Kay – Lessons From The Strategy Mentor

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Elliot is a strategy mentor, international speaker, coach, and author of the Amazon bestseller Power to Succeed.  He is the Commercial Director of Pony Express Speakers Club Limited, one of the UK’s leading public speaking training companies. His goal is to bring strong business strategy to skilled people, empower them to do more and get paid for it.

In this episode, we will discuss how Elliot started as an entrepreneur and how he turned his adversity into an opportunity. Listen closely as you will discover the key on how to develop the right entrepreneurial mindset.

Here’s few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Start before you’re ready – The mantra that drives the strategy in expanding his business
  • Elliot’s entrepreneurial journey – The behind the scenes of how he started his entrepreneurial path.
  • The Pony Express –  How it all started?
  • Realization from a heartbreak – How Elliot turned a heartbreak to a positive learning
  • Keep your eye on the bigger fish – Why Elliot doesn’t define failure when things don’t workout?
  • When the universe demands of you to step up, it comes with fear – Discover Elliot’s personal and clients’ success story.
  • Continuous revision of a business strategy even if it’s working or not – What are the important thing the group of entrepreneur should be aware of?
  • Strategy is sexy – Find out why Elliot cannot live without strategy

Success Quote

Start before you’re ready.

“Go out there, make an impact.”

I believe that the people who truly have the ability to influence and make change are the entrepreneurs and business owners.



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