BOE020 – Katya Varbanova – The Power of Social Media Live Streaming

//BOE020 – Katya Varbanova – The Power of Social Media Live Streaming

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In today’s show, Rob and Leon interview one of the foremost experts of social live streaming, Katya Varbanova. Katya shares her journey of embracing social live streaming which led to quit her job in banking to become a full-time marketer. She dispenses great advice on how anyone can use these platforms for positioning sales, lead generation, and building a loyal community.



Here’s few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • At the 5 minute mark, learn how Katya got fast traction which empowered her to quit her secured banking role in just 90 days after using Periscope (This simple business model may be right for you too)
  • Listen to Katya decode her unconventional way of coming up with innovative marketing and branding concepts (not copy what everyone else is doing)
  • Laid bare for to profit: Katya simple monetize process. She deployed to get out of the rat race that replaced her full-time banking income within 90 days with part-time input without any fancy equipment or complicated marketing Funnels.
  • How to spot and remove bloodthirsty vampire people from your world who appear genuine but really what to ride the back of your success and grind you down.
  • How to incorporate 3 neat tactics that Apple used to develop strong buying desire for your products (execution of these tactics deliver spectacular financial returns)?
  • Get the complete dos and don’ts guide to growing a community using Livestream. These tips will give you a major advantage.
  • Revealed the staggering facts of why video is so important and how to capitalize on it.

Success Quote

“Every problem has a solution.”

“On the way to success, you have to be good at spotting who is there that has your best interest.

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