BOE021 – Rich Schefren – An Interview with The Internet Business Manifestor

//BOE021 – Rich Schefren – An Interview with The Internet Business Manifestor

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This week’s show is an interview with Rich Schefren, CEO of Strategic Profits. He wrote a free report called The Internet Business Manifesto that gives birth to his online business. Discover how Rich helped small business owners in the times of their greatest needs using his proven strategy.



Here’s few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Rich’s Bio – His transition from venturing to a clothing, music, hypnosis business and then to an online business
  • Strategy is how you get the most from limited resources – Rich explained how he does the same strategy to different markets
  • Antique Boutique – Rich shared how to sell people on the store before they bought any clothes.
  • Being strategic as a coach – How to find the right market for your service?
  • I don’t think I’m the world’s best coach but I do think I’m the best choice for a coach if you’re an online entrepreneur – Learn how Rich conceived his first seven figures
  • Try and create a business that will allow me to explore whatever to be built in a way that I can be who I am – What keeps him going for the next ten years as an entrepreneur?
  • Identify the cause that’s bigger than you that will pull you forward – One piece of advice Rich would say to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Success Quote

Relevancy has replaced Proximity

“I tell entrepreneurs that their goal when being strategic is to figure out how they can be successful in their business without them changing. ”

Heroes are normal people that were pulled by a cause bigger than themselves.


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