BOE025 – Tineke Rensen – How to Accelerate your Business

//BOE025 – Tineke Rensen – How to Accelerate your Business

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We often hear that we are fortunate that we are living in this day and age. Setting up a business could be more than easy nowadays. The Internet made all this possible. This is what Tineke advice to every entrepreneur. In today’s episode, Leon sat down with Tineke Rensen. She is a business owner for 27 years and started with only a typewriter. Now, she is the CEO of the Powerful Business Academy and works worldwide. Listen in as we learn how Tineke help business owners to accelerate her business to its full potential.



Here’s few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Everything starts with an idea – Reflection of how Tineke do business
  • Don’t rely on other people’s beliefs or mentality – How she  started a business
  • You really have to be good to be able to teach others – Why Tineke sold her business after 22 years
  • My ambition was bigger than the knots – How she built her business organically
  • You have to know the branch to be able to see where the money is – Find out how Tineke decided to let go of her business
  • Employing the wrong people – Tineke’s business roadblock
  • What is her biggest success to date? – Learn what happens when she decided to bring her business international
  • Listen to your own feelings and desires – Tineke’s advice to entrepreneurs
  • Now is the best time to do business – The current big thing that our community has to be aware of

Success Quote

Never let fear run your decisions.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

When you do something from motivation and drive; things fall into place.


  • Maximum Business Growth for Women 8 Secrets from a National Champion to Accelerate your Business
  • Free eBook
  • The Secret
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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