BOE026 – Billy Gene – How to Turn Clicks to Customers?

//BOE026 – Billy Gene – How to Turn Clicks to Customers?

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Struggling with sales? Looking for a new marketing strategy? New business plan? These, among other things, are what entrepreneurs strives for. In today’s episode, Leon Streete talked to Billy Gene. He is the CEO of Billy Gene is Marketing Inc., the leaders in turning clicks to customers. Billy and Leon deep dive on what an entrepreneur should focus on when building their business, how to turn your business from a five-figure to seven-figure one and why sales are still the important thing in a business.


Here’s few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Hire us if you need customers – Know what Billy Gene can do to your business
  • Is he an overnight success? – Find out how he rise to where he is right now
  • Connecting one to one – Pivot point for Billy to do what he is doing now
  • Billy, the Facebook Guy – Discover how he got the chance to  be invited to the Facebook Headquarters
  • Online community to meet, learn and build together – Find out the future plans of Billy
  • A day with Gary Vaynerchuk – Billy shared what it is like to spend a day in VaynerMedia
  • Focus on Sales – What a solopreneur must do in their business?
  • Money buys you time – How investing to people help him buy more time?
  • Creating a movement that matters – Unfold Billy’s business progression
  • A marketer who doesn’t know how to sell can only be so good of a marketer – What you will learn inside the School of Genius?
  • The ability to create – One thing that Billy cannot live without
  • Dedicate yourself to your craft – Advice from Billy Gene

Success Quote

“For online community,  there is power in proximity.”

“With every increase in sales, every new rise with growth; came in an entirely new learning curve.”

“Invest to people who are investing into the vision .


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