BOE027 – Leon Streete – Why the podcast stopped and the new kick ass Mission to Help Coaches!

//BOE027 – Leon Streete – Why the podcast stopped and the new kick ass Mission to Help Coaches!

Show Notes


This update brings the podcast back from the 6 month hiatus and absence we’ve had as a result of changes in business.

I’m back and committed to helping Coaches move to the next level.


Here are few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • What to expect coming up with content from the podcast.
  • I shed a little light onto one of our key marketing coaching programmes that allow coaches to scale their businesses from the $250k level upwards
  • An invite not to be missed! Facebook fly me to Belgium all expenses paid, to join them as a guest at their exclusive European Gather event, I discuss why and some of the take-a-ways I learnt.
  • How to get more conversations with prospects that want to buy your programme or service using the new exclusive guide “The Guerrilla Method” for Coaches.
  • A B2B Guide you can expect coming very soon for LinkedIn domination
  • Why you need to attend the ELEVATION Live event, a focused marketing workshop for Coaches to help them scale to the next level plus details.
  • I breakdown a new Mastermind we’re running for start-up Coaches and all the inclusive bonuses


The Guerrilla Method Guide – PDF Download


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Leon Streete

Known as the Lead Generation Expert, I help business owners supercharge their marketing campaigns for online success. Want more leads? Want to leverage work around your time table? Want to break away from the old 9-5 life? Then its simple read through my content to start your journey of growth.
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