BOE028 – Jon Benson – How to Make Sales Online using Video Sales Letter?

//BOE028 – Jon Benson – How to Make Sales Online using Video Sales Letter?

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boe028 jon benson

Do you want to make sales online? On this episode, Leon chatted with Jon Benson, author, and CEO of Digital Publisher, Inc, and JBF Health. Jon told the story of how he began experimenting with a new way of marketing products online. With his NLP background and psychology, he came up with the world’s first “ugly” Video Sales Letter or VSL. You will also learn the three key things you need to have if you are thinking of creating a VSL. Make sure to grab a pen and paper and jot down all the nuggets of wisdom that Jon shared in this episode.


Here are few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • The birth of Sellerator; Jon Benson’s VSL Formula
  • Understand what is a Video Sales Letter is and how it can take you out of your current noisy mindset and locks into your message
  • Three success stories of VSL and how their lives turned around
  • Find out the importance of the first seven seconds of your video
  • Learn what to cover on the next minute of your video sales letter
  • Why it is critical that you create a compelling story and if that can relate to your prospect
  • Discover the one thing that made Richard Branson successful

Success Quote

The good stories before the pitch are the nightmare story.

“Take the hour that you’re going to spend at the next webinars, seminar, reading a book and spend that hour in that week and do three 20 minute workouts in the gym. That will change your life and make you far more successful than any of that reading ever could be.”

If you’re going to go where you want to go in business and you’re not taking care of your body or mind you’re not going to get there.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation – Henry David Thoreau


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