BOE032 – Alonzo “Action MF” Jackson – How to Develop your Inner Authenticity

//BOE032 – Alonzo “Action MF” Jackson – How to Develop your Inner Authenticity

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BOE032 - Alonzo Jackson - How to Develop your Inner Authenticity

This episode of Business Owner Elevation is a little unconventional — it’s explicit! Leon chats with Alonzo “Action MF” Jackson, author, Lit Life Coach, and a MF Monk. He opens up on how he transitioned from being in the Navy to a Personal Trainer then becoming a coach. He shares important ideas on how he successfully went into the coaching business, how to qualify and disqualify people that you should focus on and find out the top three things you need to move the needle.


Here are few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Alonzo’s morning ritual. What helps him start his day
  • How did his Navy experience make him realize that he was going to be an entrepreneur
  • How to qualify the people that resonate with you
  • The one thing you need to find your target market
  • The catalyst that triggered Alonzo to transition from being a personal trainer to Lit Life Coach
  • Three tips you need to start moving in the right direction
  • Why you need to stop being aware

Success Quote

If you keep putting out fear vibration, you’re going to attract that fear.”

“People are so worried about attracting people instead of repelling the ones that they don’t resonate.”

Instead of bashing what you hate, elevate what you love.”

“Be the change you want to be.”


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