BOE037 – The Only 3 Ways To Market your Coaching Business

//BOE037 – The Only 3 Ways To Market your Coaching Business

Show Notes

Did you know that coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world?

Today, I will talk about the only three ways to market your coaching business.

You will discover the three actionable ways on how you can scale your coaching business.

Also, I give you examples on how you can execute each step depending on where your business is at now.

Lastly, find out what I mean by marketing your coaching business the manual way, automated traffic flow and building up relationships through other people.


Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • The first step to market your business: Join networking events
    • What is the biggest challenge when joining networking events
    • Tips on how to choose the right event you are going to attend to
  • The second step to market your business: Paid Traffic
    • What are the benefits of paid advertising
    • Why you need to go through the testing phase for your paid traffic
  • Step three to market your business: Strategic Partnerships and Joint Ventures
    • Collaborate with people who serve your target audience

Success Quote

“Paid traffic can scale your ads fast. You can get to the target audience immediately, get very close to your niche very quickly”

“It is all about building relationships. Some relationships can be built faster, some will take longer, but they’re going to be very profitable and worth it”


More Leads More Clients: The 10 Step Marketing Manifesto To Becoming One Of The Most Valued And Highly Paid Coaches In Your Industry by Leon Streete




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