BOE-S2110 – How to work less and make more… For Business & Life Coaches

//BOE-S2110 – How to work less and make more… For Business & Life Coaches

Show Notes

Welcome to another show of the Business Owner Elevation podcast! I have come to share another interesting topic to all business owners and life coaches out there which is on how to work less and make more. This is actually one of the issues that coaches, consultants, and experts fail to make work. I have a fair share of this as I have experienced working too hard, working 60 to 80 hours a week, working, grinding, and hustling but the income wasn’t happening.  There are lots of questions that go inside my mind like, am I charging right? Am I doing the right marketing? And am I focusing on the right things? One of the many answers and tips that I can share with you is to create leverage.

There are 7 key steps on how you can work less and make more. This resulted in multi 6-figures for me and my client.  These are simple steps that you can follow, grab a pen and take notes of all the nuggets of gold that I will be sharing with you. Enjoy!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • 7 Steps on how to work less and make more
  • The importance of creating leverage in your business
  • Prioritizing your niche and creating a signature program
  • Creating an effective marketing strategy that can attract more clients
  • Setting a strong foundation on your system

Success Quotes

“If you don’t put your head up and take a look around or you’ve got nobody to advise you on whether your pricing is right, your marketing is right, and everything that you do is right, you’ll never know the difference .”

“If you want to work less, have one key service.”

“The key in working less is by creating multiple offers rather than coming up with new services, new ways of working.”


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