BOE-S2114 – How To Create The Dream Lifestyle – For Coaches & Experts

//BOE-S2114 – How To Create The Dream Lifestyle – For Coaches & Experts

Show Notes

Welcome to the Business Owner Elevation podcast! In today’s show, I will be sharing with you how to create the dream lifestyle for coaches, experts, and consultants and I will take a deep dive into a few areas that you need to consider if you want to create the dream lifestyle for yourself.

Before you start creating the dream lifestyle for yourself, you have to take time to envision what lifestyle you want to create. Included in this lifestyle is how you plan to manage your day, the time you will spend with your family, and even how much time you want to work everyday. We have to be wise on how we spend the hours of our day and make it meaningful to achieve the dream lifestyle.

You have to reverse engineer your life and use your business as the vehicle in reaching your dream lifestyle. How are you going to do that? I have prepared 3 key steps that you can consider in creating your dream lifestyle. Enjoy!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • How to create the dream lifestyle
  • What are the things to consider in creating the dream lifestyle?
  • The relationship of lifestyle and happiness
  • How to reverse engineer your life to achieve your dream lifestyle
  • 3 Key Steps in Creating the Dream Lifestyle

Success Quotes

“For everybody, lifestyle is going to be different.”

“You shouldn’t live to work, you should work to live.”


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