BOE-S2116 – How To Promote Your Business, Even If You Fear Others Opinions & Haters

//BOE-S2116 – How To Promote Your Business, Even If You Fear Others Opinions & Haters

Show Notes

Welcome to another epic Business Owner Elevation show! For today’s topic, I will share with you how you can promote your business even if you fear others’ opinions and some stories that you may learn from overcoming others’ opinions.

Some potential successful business owners hold back because of fear in a variety of things. Fear in other people’s opinion,  the fear of rejection, fear of self-promotion, the fear of getting judged, and the fear of being ridiculed. These fears take people off the tracks of being a success, it pulls people off the direction and the path of fulfilling their dreams that can also affect their relationship with their family, friends, and their community.

Confidence in yourself and in your business can make you more attractive to your target audience. And this can be a start on how you can better promote your business regardless of what other people think. You can start with different steps on how you can move forward in promoting your business such as, choosing the best type of marketing suitable for you, incorporating your purpose to your message, treat marketing and self-promotion as your duty, detaching yourself from your fears, and focus on the people who needs your help and wants to hear your solutions. Having all these in mind will eventually build your confidence and will help your business to move to the next level. 

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • Some of the fears that business owners may have
  • A deeper understanding about rejection
  • Steps on how you can move forward
  • The importance of incorporating empathy to your message
  • Detach from your fears: Mindset work

Success Quotes

“In the world of business, you are here to make a difference.”

“If we increase our confidence, we become more attractive.”

“When you make your marketing and your business about your purpose, you stop focusing on your fears. Because you focus on creating a difference, being the difference, and showing up.”

“In order to deliver on your vision and goals, marketing has to be your duty.”


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