BOE-S2124 – Are there too many coaches coaching coaches? And Not Enough Customers

//BOE-S2124 – Are there too many coaches coaching coaches? And Not Enough Customers

Show Notes

Welcome to another interesting topic of the Business Owner Elevation show! Today is a really interesting one because this topic was raised by one of my leads which is all about his beliefs around the coaching industry, particularly around the number of coaches. In general, for me, there’s a rise of people who have gone into setting up their own business for the reason that this lockdown gave us a new perspective. Coaches have different areas of specialization but remember that good will always rise to the top. What will matter most are how you deliver service and your reputation. With all of these, word will start to spread and can also be a way to attract leads.

We, sometimes, focus on the wrong things and might not be able to attract clients or do other work. As business owners, we have to learn different things but we usually have skill or an area within our business that we are most skilled at. We also have to work on how we show ourselves in the right way to connect to people. But the best thing to do is to serve your niche. Also, if you want your business to go places, the next level, you must have a vision. Stay tuned and be focused, continuously grow, enjoy!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • Common problems raised in the coaching industry
  • Attract clients through word of mouth with your good reputation
  • A high demand on business owners to level up their skills
  • The power of ASKING in generating more leads
  • Removing your fears to give more docs to your vision
  • And many more!

Success Quotes

“If you deliver great services or good services, then your reputation should speak for yourself.”

“The good will always rise to the top.”

“There is always going to be a need for business owners to be coached, to be mentored, to have training to up skill, to up level.

“Your business is a vehicle to support how you live.”


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