BOE-S2002 – Entrepreneur Sunday Mornings, Live with Leon

//BOE-S2002 – Entrepreneur Sunday Mornings, Live with Leon

Show Notes

Challenges are to be expected! As the world is being challenged now because of the pandemic and we feel the effects of the lockdown on the economy, we need to adapt fast in order to thrive, in order to go beyond the challenges, in order to succeed. In this episode, we talked about gratitude, opportunities, goals, challenges and things in between.


Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • The importance of being grateful
  • How to adapt your strategies in these uncertain times
  • Some opportunities are presented very nicely, but you have to be very careful which ones to take. 
  • The importance of a Weekly Planner      
  • What is Rule of 168
  • Find out how to register for free for the Online Business Summit and learn how to  “Recession-Proof” your business.
  • Celebrate your Success (…success can mean small wins or a time spent with your daughter)
  • How to identify your niche, how to create the right brand message or create the right strategy on your funnels

Success Quotes

“When you’re grateful, you’re in the position to receive.”

“Be careful with your goals because some opportunities will pull time away from you, that you  cannot get it back and it will actually take you away from your goal.”

“It’s not about what other people think about you or how people will pick holes in what you do or criticize you. it’s just about showing up a lot of the time.”

“I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much around to make things happen.”

“Make sure you’re clear on achieving that goal, what’s it’s going to take, what it’s going to bring to your life, or what’s it that you’re going to sacrifice.”

“Challenges lead you to your success.”

“When you’re faced with challenges you’ve got to remember that those challenges are there to test you and your ability to problem-solve, to creatively come up with the answers to get beyond where you are.”

“If you want to win in business, the biggest thing that you can do is to focus on the right mindset.”

“When people win, your community and the people around you benefit, that’s the bottom line.”



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