BOE-S2003 – Case Study: How I Helped My Client to Achieve £100k in Sales From a £27 Online Course in 11 Months

//BOE-S2003 – Case Study: How I Helped My Client to Achieve £100k in Sales From a £27 Online Course in 11 Months

Show Notes

Coming out of the social lockdown that we have experienced in the last months is like stepping in a new dawn. People have adapted and now we are on the move to execute on innovation and ideas. Pivot we must!

In this Livestream episode, we are going to dig into a case study, a real-life experience of one of my clients, Pin Binning, who dreamt of getting six to  seven figures through his £27 online course.

So listen to this podcast and learn how my client was able to achieve his dream.


Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Before even getting into the steps in the case study, what must you do first? (…Learn the importance of visualization.)
  • What are the steps that Pin and I took to launch the online course of driving lessons?
  • The first step – The Problem. (…What are the questions or problems that are being raised in the mind of Pin?)
  • What are the Solutions that we took to hurdle the problems?
  • The Results  – real results from the innovation and ideas of Pin about his online course.
  • Benefits of working with Leon Streete. (…you really cannot do it alone, you need some help)

Success Quotes

“Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like for you to actually keep six to seven figures results in your business and create a better life at the same time.”

“By setting your intention on what it is you want to achieve, you start that process of visualizing seeing it before it happens.”

“There is failure to implement, because they overthink what it is that they’re going to do.”

“Sometimes you talk yourself out of a good opportunity and only the opportunity that you see, not somebody else, because it’s your goal, your vision.”



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