//BOE-S2009 – 4-Steps On How to ATTRACT More QUALIFIED CLIENTS

Show Notes

In this episode of Marketing Wednesdays with Leon, you will learn how to attract the right audience and get them to your own niche. If you are in the business of selling and you are not transacting money, you don’t have a business. It is important that you get your messages across to your target audience in order for them to buy into your idea of products and services. Many business owners’ messages are created in a professional context, they read well, but they don’t entice, they’re even boring.  Listen up and learn how to avoid costly mistakes on time, effort and money.  


Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • An Overview: The four steps on how to attract more qualified clients.
  • How to overcome the problem of choosing the right target audience and niche 
  • Discover a great tip on how to look for an ideal client 
  • How to construct a message that attracts and connects with your audience
  • How to persuade people about the idea of your products and services

Success Quotes:

“When you identify your niche and you get it right, honestly the results can be pretty much groundbreaking.”

“Once you’re using the right strategy, it will take you in the right direction and you will be able to grow a business and prove to be an exciting and successful time.”

“If your audience is looking to get beyond the problem, get beyond the symptoms of the core problem they are going  through, you need to inject emotion, you need to be and speak  where they’re at right there.”

“Marketing is all about persuading people about an idea and the idea is about your products and services.”

“When you use a message and you put integrity into it, you can use the persuasion for the right reasons.”

“If you’re in business, selling is what business is all about and if you’re not transacting money, you do not have a business, you have a hobby of less.”

“A script is there to help you build structure and then you add personality as you have more experience of selling.”


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