BOE-S2010 – How To Deal With Difficult Times As A Business Owner [Frustration, Fear, Overwhelm & Depression]

//BOE-S2010 – How To Deal With Difficult Times As A Business Owner [Frustration, Fear, Overwhelm & Depression]

Show Notes

Being in business is a lonely place especially when you are going through difficult times. There is a mix of emotions running through you like shame, embarrassed or your ego being bruised. Frustration, fear and depression also sets in, but it can be a massive lesson in life that will give you the experience to come out stronger. When you’re tested emotionally and spiritually, you are tested with your level of innovation, with how you cope.  You won’t truly know until you go through something difficult and then it becomes a wakeup call.

In this episode of Good Morning Business Owners with Leon, you will learn how to deal with difficult circumstances as he shares to the listeners his own business failure, what was his expectation of failure and  how he was able to innovate. 

Enjoy listening!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Failure vs. Expectation (…why Leon’s business failure became a rude awakening?)
  • What are the signs to know what route to take
  • Experience vs. Perception 
  • The seven basic emotions and how you can come to terms with your feelings
  • Learn Leon’s basic approach in handling difficult times

Success Quotes:

“I guess when you are in business quite often your ego, your internal protection system, it does not set up for failure in that way, especially if you haven’t really hit it hard before.”

“My expectations of what failure were nowhere  near close to what I went through because I have always been positive.” 

“Speaking to other business owners was important because that actually helped me through the time just to see what opportunities, what things I haven’t considered and just advise.”

“When you’re faced with difficult times it’s usually because you did not believe how things would turn out, you didn’t think it would turn out bad.”

“When you have gone through difficult times, what I would say to you, it kind of wakes you up.”

“What things are actually like – you won’t truly know until you go through something difficult.”

“By putting yourself in a compromising situation, you are setting yourself for the good, the bad and the ugly.”

“As soon as you drop all the bullshit, all of your creatives, your energy, the answers come to you.” 

“You need to love yourself and respect yourself, as well. You need to put yourself first because if you are a business owner, without you, you probably have no business.”


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