BOE-S2011 – Discover the most POWERFUL Form of Marketing Your Business

//BOE-S2011 – Discover the most POWERFUL Form of Marketing Your Business

Show Notes

Welcome to another live stream episode of Wednesday Evenings with Leon! Today I am going to talk about the most powerful persuasion tool that you can use to market your business. I will also be telling stories about entrepreneurs who I’ve helped, one having zero sales in six months to getting her first sales by just following my advice.  What am I talking about – STORIES! Stories invoke emotions, it invokes culture and it invokes so much of what makes us human. It is important that the message you want to come across must tell a story, it must have a narrative.

Enjoy listening! 

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • What is the most POWERFUL form of persuasion known to man?
  • Why Stories? (because it is effective, they inspire, they teach, they influence…)   
  • Learn the 3-part structure of how you should tell your story. 
  • How to turn testimonials into your stories? 
  • If you want to grow your business in the next 90 days, Leon will be launching a new program, which is an 8-week coaching program plus online courses, the gates are open!

Success Quotes:

“One of the main reasons stories are so good is that they are one of the most powerful forms of persuasion known to humans.” 

“You’re waiting for something to be perfect, but actually there are more people out there who need information not to be perfect, but to be more powerful, authentic and filled with the value they need to help them go to the next level.”

“Focus all of your efforts not on creating something that’s perfect right now, but on creating an offer that people can buy right now.”

“The more that you get into understanding how to use stories in your business, the more that you will actually sell and connect with your audience.”


The Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work by Joseph Campbell

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