BOE-S2015 – The Secret To Being Relevant To Your Audience And Getting Them to Follow and Buy From You

//BOE-S2015 – The Secret To Being Relevant To Your Audience And Getting Them to Follow and Buy From You

Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of Wednesday evening, Visionary Marketing with Leon Streete! Today our topic will focus on how to become relevant to your audience and get them to follow and buy from you. It’s all about audience building, creating your niche and defining your ideal client avatar.

Before you spend a lot of money in ads, you have to understand your niche’s emotional drivers, so that your message is not diluted in the market. 


Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

  • Finding your niche and understanding your niche’s emotional drivers. (…a look at  how Facebook outgrew MySpace)  
  • How to define your Ideal Client Avatar? 
  • How to make your messages point to clients who are cold, warm or hot? (…and for them to ultimately claim, “That message is for me.”)  
  • A client’s story – From 100k in debt to doing 1.7 million dollars in sales.

Success Quotes:

“Whenever you’re marketing it is understanding the psychology of your audience.”

“When people are cold to you the critical thing is for them to see that to understand where they are, even if they’ve never heard of you.”

“People might not like you when they’re warm to your message, but if they trust you, people will buy from you.”

“Don’t fall for the trap of “I need more visibility”. You’re just creating noise and you’re not relevant to people because what can happen is, you expand a lot of money, a lot of time and you end up with the results that aren’t worthy of the effort that you put in.”


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