BOE-S2016 – Why Taking Downtime or a Holiday Is Essential as a Business Owner

//BOE-S2016 – Why Taking Downtime or a Holiday Is Essential as a Business Owner

Show Notes

Are you feeling guilty not having to take yourself or your family to a holiday or not taking down time? Do you feel like taking a time off or going on holiday is just an interference to your usual day-to-day work? And  is it even part of your plans or priority? You are missing a lot of things!

This is one of the common mistakes that people or even business owners take for granted, taking downtime or having a holiday. In today’s episode of Business Owner Revelation, I will be telling you all why taking a downtime or a holiday is essential for business owners. What should you take into consideration when you are out and about experiencing new things and be able to bond with your family.

So, stay tuned and enjoy!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s show…

Key things that I want you to remember why you need to take a downtime or a holiday

  • Taking down time is something that forces you to have future pulls or something that pulls you to the future.
  • Taking a time off will also help you test your business, your systems, your functions, and how it operates while you are away.
  • Experiences. You will gain so much when you go out for a holiday. With those experiences, you learn how to look at things in a different way, different light, and your social skills will strengthen because of different interactions with people. We should find the positive in what we are doing.
  • Problem solving. Taking a downtime involves planning. This will even help you structuring your days, yourself. Do not forget that you also need to find something that will entertain you.
  • Mindset. A nourishing mindset. Taking a downtime will recharge you. Go find what suits you.

Success Quotes:

“It is important for you to be aware of what works for you”

“Any type of holiday or downtime that helps you be a better version of yourself.”

“You find positive in what you’re doing.”

“The downtime is key because it tests your business.”

“If you don’t take up these opportunities or just do these things these become the things that you’ll regret.”

“Those pressures are going to fade away but the memories and the time that you can spend with people are the things that you’ll remember or you’ll regret if you don’t do them.”


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