BOE-S2034 – The Best Video Ads Ever & How You Can Copy Them For Your Business In 5 Easy To Follow Steps

//BOE-S2034 – The Best Video Ads Ever & How You Can Copy Them For Your Business In 5 Easy To Follow Steps

Show Notes

In the current situation that we are in, everyone is staying in their houses due to this pandemic. People are most likely to watch different videos using their devices. That is why videos are also used as a marketing strategy that can attract more clients. The real question is, what will be the content of your video ad? Where can you get inspiration for your content? How will it help you get new leads to your business?

Creating a perfect video ad that will catch your target audience will help your business to the next level. But first, you must understand how creating video ads will help your business grow. As a business owner, you must also pay attention to the needs of your target audience and in that way, your audience will stick to you. Show them the uniqueness of your products/services and how it is set apart from your competitors. Let them be engaged to you even through your video ads.

In today’s show, I will share with you some of the famous video ads where you can get some inspiration that will surely benefit your business. Enjoy!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • How video ads contribute to your business growth
  • The importance of knowing your audience taste
  • How to make your product/service stand out from your competitors
  • The right formula in getting your audience attention
  • The importance of creating phrases and taglines that will get your audience attention
  • Focus on what you can offer to your audience
  • The effect of your videos’ appeal to your audience
  • Keeping your video advertisement short and simple


Success Quotes

“In one way or another, we’re forever testing, forever trying to figure out what ad works best.

“Majority of people, they’re watching video, so it pays you to be in front of your target audience in the best way possible with video.”

“The less that you can say, the better.”



Apple Mac 1984

Old spice

Dollar Shave Club

OXO Advert

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme


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