BOE-S2035 – How to regain FOCUS in TOUGH times, & see the way forward to WIN…

//BOE-S2035 – How to regain FOCUS in TOUGH times, & see the way forward to WIN…

Show Notes

Lately, we are all experiencing different things that we should not take for granted. The effect of this global pandemic is taking its toll, and business owners are not exempted from this. There are dramatic changes in how we live our lives, people are struggling and some encounter personal traumas that should be dealt with.

There are inevitable things that we will experience along the way that may distract us in life and business. In the situation that we are in, I would like to help you be guided on how to regain your focus and be able to move forward. Through this show, I will share with you how to overcome tough times and how to stay motivated despite different present obstacles.


Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • Effective steps in keeping your business going and becoming focus on your business and life
  • Why is focus important in taking your business to the next level?
  • How to start with the things you choose to focus on?
  • The importance of reflecting on your progress and where you want to be
  • What are the challenges that should be overcome to stay focused on your direction?
  • How your willpower can get you lead you to your goal
  • How distractions can slow down your success


Success Quotes

“The whole point of regaining focus is that you can gain clarity on what it is that you’re doing and to complete the task that you said you would complete.”

“When you’re unfocused, it’s like everything just seems busy…”

‘If you want to get back to having focus in your life and be more focused about your approach, you’ve got to choose and act on the things that you say that you want to do.”

“Constantly, in business, you’re playing the game of how to put the best offer in front of your target audience who have a problem…”

“Being in a business or being as a business owner, repetition can pull you away from being focus…”

“The more you can, you know, self-reflect and really look at what’s going on in your life, the further forward you’ll accelerate…”

“There will be repetitive things that happen in your business and you’ve got to be the winner who can last the longest with repetitive and boring things that must be done, that leads you to the end vision.”

”There is no overnight success when it comes to business.”

“If we take the time to look at ourselves, our actions, and what we’re doing, we’ll see the real truth about us rather than hiding away…”

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” – Bruce Lee

“Don’t fear the man who knows how to kick ten thousand ways, fear the person who knows how to kick one way and has done it ten thousand ways..” – Bruce Lee



Rule of 168

Carl Jung

J.K. Rowling

Follow One Course Until Success (FOCUS)


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