BOE-S2036 – How To Create Great Marketing Results in 2021 With Rob Moore

//BOE-S2036 – How To Create Great Marketing Results in 2021 With Rob Moore

Show Notes


In today’s show of Business Owner Elevation, I had a very wonderful interview with a talented man, Rob Moore. An entrepreneur, investor, author, and audible bestseller, a prolific podcaster, a public speaker, The Property teacher, and the founder of The Rob Moore Foundation.

The interview started with how Rob was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship. He shared a few of his life experiences and the journey towards entrepreneurship. His love for arts also became related to his creativity in business.

To protect your business from a recession, as a business owner, you have to be creative. You have to know the demand, the solutions, and the services that you can offer. You have to be creative especially in your marketing strategy.

Grab your pen and paper and take down notes on the important things that you will learn in this interview. Enjoy!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • The needs to be creative in everything
  • Important tips in solving the challenges in business
  • What is a disruptive entrepreneur?
  • The power of intuition and evolution in business
  • The importance of having your own personalized business model

And a whole lot more!

Success Quotes    

“To create is to be creative.”

“If you’ve got a hobby or a passion or talent, but it’s not the thing you do that makes you money, it will always be there. And you can go back to it whenever you want.”

“Creative equals creation”

“You have to figure out where that new demand is, the quicker you figure that out, the better your business is going to succeed and thrive when others either fail or to survive.”

“Marketing is the single most important function of any business.”

“Without marketing, you don’t have sales because marketing creates leads, and what sales do is convert leads into revenue.”


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