BOE-S02E39 – Is Playing Safe Holding Your Business Back?

//BOE-S02E39 – Is Playing Safe Holding Your Business Back?

Show Notes

We all have our reasons why we hold back, sometimes it can be fear of committing mistakes, lack of self-confidence, and more. Most of the time we choose to hide and just wait for the opportunity to rise. We need to be courageous especially when we are talking about business. Yes, it involves a lot of risks and you are thinking about your security.

As a business owner, you must make a proper assessment of the risks and opportunities that come after it in your business. There is no time for procrastination, remove it from your vocabulary. There should not be any time to be wasted and maximize your time in identifying what are the things that will help you move your business to the next level. Eliminate the bad habits that will ruin your business.

Don’t miss this opportunity where I can guide you in getting your business to the next level. Prepare your notes and enjoy!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • The time for playing safe in business and spotting great opportunities to take action on
  • How to start a risk assessment that will open up new opportunities?
  • What will be the effect of procrastination in business?
  • How to overcome analysis paralysis in business
  • The importance of identifying and eliminating bad habits in business
  • How to deal with other people’s opinion


Success Quotes    

“Procrastination can kill your business.”

“There’s a time to be cautious but there’s also a time for you to spot when there is the opportunity.”

“When they’re playing it safe and they unconsciously don’t even know they’re being held back, is because they’ve done the analysis but they’ve not taken the action.”

“It is all about spotting your actions and what you actually do in business for you to understand and what you’re not doing…”

“Keep going, keep doing what you need to do..”



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