BOE-S2041 – How to get through a second lockdown while running your business

//BOE-S2041 – How to get through a second lockdown while running your business

Show Notes

Lockdown during the onset of this pandemic took a toll on lots of business owners. What about this second lockdown? Have you prepared your business for this second lockdown? As a business owner, has your business strategy adapted in this lockdown? Have you taken the necessary measures to protect your business? As business owners, we all take the necessary steps to keep us to make your business survive during this lockdown. But what should be done? What are these steps? 

In order to get through this second lockdown, we have to be calm and think of what should be done. We have to analyze the restrictions given by the government, in that way, we can further think of what we can do in order for our business to keep going despite the lockdown. As business owners, you have to adapt your business strategy to this lockdown, we have to be innovative. In today’s show let me guide you on how we can get through this second lockdown while running our business.


Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • Staying calm amid coronavirus pandemic and how it will help you in this situation
  • The importance of checking the restrictions on lockdown in your area
  • How to manage your finances to get through the second lockdown
  • Is there a need to reinvent your business model during this pandemic?
  • Continuously communicate with your clients for them to feel reassured
  • The impact of extending help to other people who might need help


Success Quotes    

“When your mental approach to what’s going on around you is constantly in fight or flight, that can really mess things up in terms of your health…”

“You’ll be able to cope with difficulty but you’ll find it difficult coping when you don’t have money to buy food, water, and just basic essentials you need for you and your family.”

“People who take action right now, are the ones who are going to continue to win.”

“Human connection is more important now than ever…”

“Giving the help is what’s needed more than anything…”



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