BOE-S2053 – Which Is Best? Organic vs. Paid Marketing

//BOE-S2053 – Which Is Best? Organic vs. Paid Marketing

Show Notes

Welcome to today’s show of Business Owners Elevation! Today’s topic is all about what is best to do? Organic or Paid marketing? This topic is quite one of the most common conversations that I have with different business owners. Which is really best for them in order to reach their target audience, generate leads, get opportunities for potential customers.

Both organic and paid marketing serves their purpose but it will really depend on your goals as a business owner and resources (i.e time, manpower, money, etc.).In this show, I will share with you my insights and the pros and cons of organic and paid marketing and other stuff in between.


Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • The importance of having a goal and taking your resources into consideration
  • A deeper understanding of digital advertising/paid marketing
  • How organic marketing can help your business grow
  • The advantages of paid advertising and organic marketing
  • How discipline can lead you to success in your business

And many more!

Success Quotes

“Time is the most expensive thing that you can put money on. It’s a resource that you can’t get back.”

“Marketing is a skill and it pays for you to get advice to speed up your understanding, so that you have less risk when it comes to paid advertising.”

“Getting your initial message in front of people won’t happen on its own, it requires discipline and consistency.”

“You may have a lot of time available but your time may be put into other things, invested in other things.”

“Any marketing that you do is a test until you get your first conversion as a leader or a customer.”


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