BOE-S2058 – CLUBHOUSE Real Deal Or Just A Fad

//BOE-S2058 – CLUBHOUSE Real Deal Or Just A Fad

Show Notes

A lot of social media applications are rampantly used right now. One of the social media applications that are a hit right now is, Clubhouse. This application is only available on the Apple app store as of the moment. It lets people connect with each other and also listen and talk about important matters that will all help you to reach success in life, business, and a lot more. This is also an example of a social media application where you can learn from different people, real-time, as they conduct their live streams. 

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • The Clubhouse interface and other features you’ll expect 
  • Different rooms in Clubhouse moderated by significant people
  • Advantages of using Clubhouse in your business
  • The connection that you can create in Clubhouse

Success Quotes

“It’s raw and it’s real.”

“If you’re already on it, you’re already ahead of the game.:

‘Hold your own events on the app, invite other speakers that will help you get more prominence that will expose you to other people’s following, other people’s audiences.”

“This app is all about you getting exposure.”


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