BOE-S2063 – How to Make $15k/M & the 3 Problems You Must Fix

//BOE-S2063 – How to Make $15k/M & the 3 Problems You Must Fix

Show Notes

Having a unique approach to your marketing strategy can help your business to move to the next level. Marketing isn’t just marketing at all if you don’t know your audiences’ problems and concerns. Identifying the needs of your audience will make them stick to you in the end. A perfect pitch or message to them addressing their problems is another thing that you must work on and also identifying your niche will be a big help to your business.

In today’s show, this is going to be a very interesting one for all of you because I will be more direct about the outcome of marketing strategies that you can execute on your business to go to the next level. Some of the areas that I will be discussing are all about marketing, a pitch that can call your target audiences’ attention, your niche, and a whole lot more.

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • Understanding marketing and how it can be executed
  • Different problems that you may or already experiencing in your business
  • Key steps in fixing the problems in your business
  • The importance of niching in business
  • Blue Ocean as a marketing strategy
  • A perfect pitch that will get your target audience’s attention
  • How to hook people that can result to creating more leads
  • How confident selling can bring your business to the next level
  • Becoming a trusted advisor to your clients and prospects
  • The importance of qualifying your audience

Success Quotes

‘You need to be able to take a different approach to marketing so the overwhelm drops away.”

“You must focus on one target market.”

“Your message is what connects the frustrations and therefore the results that people want to achieve because your message needs to hook people in, so that they understand what to expect.”

“In order to create a lead flow pipeline, you need to have your marketing ready in advance.”

“Repurpose content that is specifically designed to hook people not just general content, not just helpful content, not just educational content, but actually content that both educates people but creates empathy in the message.”

“Selling is both an art and a skill that you can get better at.”

“To become confident in selling is to understand well what is the structure, what is the script and what is the flow you need to have when you’re selling to a person.”


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