BOE-S2071 – How To Dive into EMOTIONS of Your Audience & Stay Ethical In Marketing

//BOE-S2071 – How To Dive into EMOTIONS of Your Audience & Stay Ethical In Marketing

Show Notes

Getting into your target audience’s emotions is a good sign for each business owner and this may result in better sales. How are you going to get to your audiences’ emotions? Through your social media posts? Videos? Messages? But what are the necessary things that you should say to be able to connect to your audiences’ emotions? 

Stay tuned to today’s show and I will share with you important facts that you should do on how to get into your audiences’ emotions. Enjoy!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • Different inspirational stories that can help you in your business
  • How to appropriately deliver your message to your audience
  • Understanding your audience based on their emotions
  • Making sure that your audience is moved and engage with you
  • How to change your approach to marketing?
  • The importance of connecting to your target audience

Success Quotes

“When you publish content, you want the content to trigger people in that same way, to trigger your audience in the same way.”

“When you start to look at your audience from the perspective  of what are their frustrations and what are their wants (once results) meaning their desires, you’re instantly in this place of emotion.” 

“Fear is one of the biggest things because fear is obviously something that has yet to pass but it’s not real, it’s something that we create.”

“Take the frustrations and the results or the desires that your audience want.”

“If you’ve got enough connections who are in your target audience, they’re going to see that what you are talking about connects with them.”

“The more emotion you inject into your marketing, the better results you’re gonna get.”

“When you do marketing, obviously, your message has to be focused on your niche.” 

“People don’t make choices based on logic, they justify their choice with logic after emotionally committing to making the decision.”


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