BOE-S2073 – How To Increase Your Coaching/Expert Prices Ethically & Get More Clients

//BOE-S2073 – How To Increase Your Coaching/Expert Prices Ethically & Get More Clients

Show Notes

If you are a coach or an expert in your field and you feel like you want to increase pricing and to get more clients, this is for you. How do you increase your price with the service that you are offering? What can you do as a business owner to get more clients and achieve your expected results?

I will be sharing with you in today’s episode the different business models that you can apply to your business. And this may help you to move forward and take your business to the next level. Jot down notes and stay tuned!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • How to increase your pricing as a coach/expert that gives more value to your clients
  • Different examples of program, session, and pricing
  • Probable solutions that you can apply in your business
  • The different business model that you can consider in your business

Success Quotes

“A group program, this is where you can really start to increase your prices.”

 “ If you are a coach or expert right now and you are doing a lot of one-on-one and you are not charging high enough, first of all look at your pricing.”

“If you want to increase your prices and your hourly rate, start looking at a group program.”

“Only you can decide what business model allows you to build a real sustainable business.”

“Delivering to a specific result and outcome.”


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