BOE-S2075 – How To Go From 1-on-1 To Group Coaching / Training Fast

//BOE-S2075 – How To Go From 1-on-1 To Group Coaching / Training Fast

Show Notes

Having the outcome that you want for your business is really incredible achievement for business owners. You get the best value of your time, the money that you earn, and do the things that you want in life. In today’s show, I will shed some light on how to transition from a one-on-one business model to group coaching. In this way, you will be able to achieve what you really wanted but still, give out the best quality of your service to your client. Stay tuned and try to reassess your business model.

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • Considering other business models
  • How do you start with your business model
  • Understanding the right setup for your business
  • How a one-on-one and a group business model typically works
  • Properly pricing your service
  • Steps on how to start with group coaching to take your business to another level

Success Quotes

“A lot of people don’t really look at the model especially when they’ve been running their coaching for some time. They haven’t really lifted their head up just to see what opportunities exist or if they need to make some changes to their business.”

“The one-on-one model can work really well for you especially if you’ve got a high ticket or high-value prices.”

“You’ve got to be in a position where you are charging something premium to ensure that you are getting paid a decent profit.”

“In a group format. You can’t service everybody to the same level of attention, the same level of care as you can with a one-on-one person.”

“You might be very confident in your ability to deliver outcomes but are you confident to manage those outcomes amongst multiple people?”

“At the end of the day, you’ve got to have enjoyment and fulfillment from what you do.”

“Business isn’t meant to be charity unless you set your business up as a charity.”


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