BOE-S2078 – The #1 Reason Why Coaching/Expert Businesses FAIL & How To Avoid It!

//BOE-S2078 – The #1 Reason Why Coaching/Expert Businesses FAIL & How To Avoid It!

Show Notes

DISTRACTION. Is the enemy of all of us, everyone. It comes together with our fears, insecurities, low self-worth, low self-confidence, poor mindset, and came from bad habits that we have started long before the beginning of our business.

In today’s show, I will be discussing the top reason why businesses fail with coaching and experts and how we can dodge it. This is a great opportunity for everyone to become aware of spotting our bad habits and how to overcome them. As a business owner, you have to take responsibility and ownership of your own business. Take a step further and start by getting rid of your bad habits and distraction.

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • Being busy vs. being distracted
  • Inspirational stories to raise awareness about being distracted
  • Spotting your habits that can be your distractions
  • Your distractions can be in a form of your fear
  • Always take full ownership of your business
  • Steps in overcoming distractions

Success Quotes

“The more distracted you are by activities and ideas that pull you away from your vision, the more unfulfilled you become.” 

“You’ve got to set yourself goals that are much bigger than where you are.”

‘In growing your business, you can be distracted by old ways, by old thoughts but also fears.”

‘Focus on what skills you need to get better at.”

“There’s a lot that is valid distractions but it’s still your choice whether you accept that in your life.”

“Distraction is your enemy and the better you get at spotting it, the better you get at raising your awareness.”


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