BOE-S2081 – Q&A: How to Grow Your Business With Organic Social Media

//BOE-S2081 – Q&A: How to Grow Your Business With Organic Social Media

Show Notes

Welcome to another Q&A live session of the Business Owner Elevation podcast! In today’s show, I get to answer some of the questions raised during the live session and discuss important matters about growing your business with the use of organic social media. If you are one of those business owners that want to utilize social media, you must see it as an opportunity to seek more leads. Hence, you must be able to talk directly to your clients. Stay tuned and know more on how to utilize organic social media!

Here are a few insights you’ll hear in today’s podcast show

  • The use of social media on your business
  • 4 Steps in using an organic funnel to create more leads
  • The difference between a discovery call and a strategy call
  • Widen your reach by joining communities or groups
  • The importance of talking directly to the people you want to serve

Success Quotes

“You know that it is well invested when it is done right and it generates a return.”

“You got to look at social media as a funnel.”

“Find groups with your audience in, with your niche, and with your target audience.”

“Make sure your message actually fits the people that you want to attract.”

“The biggest mistake that you can have is that you try and sell to everybody and therefore, you speak to nobody.”


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